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    Tage Tracy has operated a niche consulting business, TMK & Associates, during the past sixteen years focused on providing executive level financial and accounting management resources on a project and/or interim basis. During the past six years, TMK’s focus has been centered in working with a number of businesses operating in unique, opportunistic, problematic, difficult, and/or similar types of environments in the role of an interim/part-time CFO and/or senior financial/accounting executive. Tage’s primary responsibilities have been centered on supporting the management team (of each business) with the following critical functions and projects:


*      Financial capital planning including  identifying, securing, maintaining, and structuring sources of debt, equity, and hybrids (both from external sources and more importantly, internal company resources).


*      Business valuations & verifications used to support strategic growth opportunities and initiatives.


*      Accounting and financial information system design, support, and structuring to ensure that CART (i.e., complete, accurate , reliable, and timely) financial information is readily available.


*      Business strategic planning including drafting business plans, developing economic forecasting models, assessing business & market risks, personnel/management recruitment, etc.


*      Niche mergers & acquisitions support, for both buyers and sellers.


*      Development and implementation of business restructuring and turnaround strategies.


*      Financial and accounting trouble shooting, investigative, and litigation support.


*      Development and implementation of final company termination, liquidation, and dissolution plans.


            Tage has worked with a number of companies operating in a vast array of industries including information technology, personnel/staffing services, prototype, biotechnology, retail, manufacturing, distribution, finance, professional service organizations, hospitality, construction, and others.


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