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The official website of John Tracy and his son, Tage Tracy, authors of numerous accounting and financial books and publications.


Our website has been specifically designed for and dedicated to the real foundation of the world’s economic engine – The Business Entrepreneur!


Whether you’ve just stared a business, looking to expand and grow your company, or you reached the end of the line, this website will provide access to invaluable accounting, financial, and general business advice, resources, and information to support every phase of a company’s life –

Birthing, Building, and Burying a Business.


The objective of our website is to provide varying levels of resources and support to assist business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals with properly matching your needs with our knowledge and expertise via one of three simple and cost effective methods including -


Our Books – We have authored four books including two “How To” books and two “Dummies” books. The how to books include How to Read a Financial Report and How to Manage Profit and Cash Flows have been tailored for the working business professional. The dummies books including Accounting for Dummies and Small Business Financial Management Kit for Dummies are geared towards the business beginner and explain issues and concepts in a more simplistic manner. Whatever your need or level of expertise, one of these books is sure to fit the bill.


Our Advice – Nobody needs to explain to business professionals how quickly market conditions change in today’s economy. Whether it be global competitors, new technology, or upheavals in the capital markets, companies are constantly being challenged to re-engineer their business plans to not only survive but more importantly, take advantage of new opportunities. Our Tips, Tidbits, & Tasks free advice webpage has been specifically designed to address critical and highly relevant accounting and financial issues impacting your business. This page will offer both periodic updates on new topics as well as allowing our customers to select what topics they are most interested in.


Our Services – Finally and if needed, our services can extend to offering direct consultation advice and support to your business. Through TMK & Associates, accounting, financial, and strategic business planning services can be provided in a number of different formats ranging from direct consultations to group educational seminars or programs to acting as an interim or part-time CFO. To learn more about TMK & Associates, please contact Tage Tracy via one of the following methods:


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